September 17, 2009

Moar Yodeling Cats. They're back and better than ever.
  • Engineers and yodeling cats--what's not to love?
  • The internets are now complete, nothing more can possibly be added.
  • Those are some damn pissed-off-looking cats.
  • Cats love to yodel! I have one you can't pick up or pet, but the stupid thing will sprawl out on the floor and let you "yodel" her with your foot on her big fat gut.
  • I want my free aspect ratio! LOL BlueHorse. Always good to have the foot-pedal option for times when you really need a yodel but have your hands full. Great video.
  • Also: singingkittehs this is kind of old so you'll forgive me, wontcha?
  • Ah, Blanky, YOU we can forgive. But there are others...