September 10, 2009

IKEA chánges fönt. From Futura to Verdana. And it gets noticed. Petitions to change it back are started. IKEA is bemused.
  • At least they didn't change it to Velveeta
  • Hee hee, pretty good, islander Or they could have changed it to Hideous Apparently some people care. Will people who don't raise their hands? *waves madly*
  • Idon'tKEA.
  • Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. *grabs chest, falls down from the pun* Ed FTW!!
  • That's a pretty thick Kiwi accent you've got there, Ed!
  • I like Hideous, especially in ipsem-speak. Looks like a book of spells from 1763, that resurfaces like every five generations, leading to the deaths of 5-7 college students.
  • Oooh. I'm looking for funky fonts at the moment, and Hideous is actually perfect. Thanks GramMa!
  • I don't so much have a problem with Verdana but I do have to agree with the designers here - it isn't intended to be a print font. They could have chosen Lucida Sans or even Helvetica without much of a fuss from anyone. Verdana is also tainted by the legacy of Microsoft. Kind of hard to like a font developed by the same folks who brought us Comic Sans.
  • I'm afraid to show anyone from the Internet my wife's website because she insisted on Papyrus for the front page. Yep.