September 05, 2009

Farouk al-Kasim arrived in Norway in 1968 (the story from the day of his arrival in Norway is recounted in the article, and the stuff of legends) and would end up helping guide Norway into responsibly managing its oil reserves.

His career; I'd say he made the most of it. Norway's oil fund for instance is described as an exemplary sovereign wealth fund, the second largest in the world, and apparently an active participant in green investments.

  • What a fascinating story of good fortune, for both Mr. al-Kasim and Norway. Would that other countries be able to manage their oil resources and revenues as prudently. Great post, polychrome!
  • Thanks!
  • Great story! Thanks for sharing, polychrome.
  • Norwegians (heck, all Scandinavians) are pretty awesome. :D I keep thinking that North America would have been a much better place had the Eriksson gang stuck it out, made peace with the Skraelings, and been the leaders of European settlement in the New World instead of the Spaniards and their competition. I mean, look at Minnesota! Er. Don't look at Michele Bachmann. No, no, don't look. Turn away!