August 31, 2009

Am I the only one that wasn't invited to Jill and Kevin's wedding? . How could I miss this? It was on NBC. It was featured in WaPo. It's even on their website.

I love it, but some people have a stick up their butt. So what can you do when the guy that sings your special song is a jerk? The best you can. I think they're a cute couple, and I hope they can laugh at the hilarious parody.

  • I am sure if I was there I would have found it mildly to rather amusing. But why this is became so popular and the people wound up on NBC is truly a mystery to me. Anyone could have done this, and similar things have no doubt been done.
  • There was this one that might have started it all.
  • Yes, but Jill and Kevin boogied down the AISLE!
  • I would have to walk out of a wedding like this..... really, I would....
  • Old poop! I think it's just everybody having a good time--most weddings I've been to have been all about the Bridezilla, and that gets old.
  • Bride Schmide, HuronBob is our new leader!
  • Oh, I mispoke. HuronBob OUGHT to be a sort of a new leader!
  • ...First among equals after Tracicle, of course.
  • ...Or a different drummer, at least, for me...
  • Well!!! I guess none of you will ever be invited to be bridesmaids in strapless dresses and cute little shoes.
  • Could we be invited if we wore tutus and hip-waders?
  • well, damn! Do I get, like, a car or anything? I'm going to a wedding tomorrow... if they do this, I'll video myself walking out!
  • (Man, I sure hope he isn't the groom--or the bride, either one)
  • Maybe he just can't dance.