August 18, 2009

BBC: The zombies would win. Using infectious disease modelling techniques, the University of Ottawa has conducted a study [pdf] detailing the spread of a zombie attack. Conclusion: "It's imperative that zombies are dealt with quickly or else... we are all in a great deal of trouble."
  • *Loots mall, loads shotgun, fuels up chainsaw*
  • Fortunately, out of all the things that keep me away, this is not something I worry about at night.
  • *awake*
  • Hey, that's my alma mater!!! Spicy brain alma mater.
  • Booooooo, SB! SPICY SPICY BRAINS Yes. That's how you tell their infected.
  • ARRG THEY'RE THEY ARE *makes sign of the cross to keep zombie grammar Nazis away*
  • rrarrgghh... inappropriate... homonyms...
  • I took computer science there. It's a fine university and contrary to what you are reading here has nothing at all to do with zombies. Actually i don't remember much of my school days. Except the cute girl sitting next to me in the Theory of Automata class. I liked her a lot but her brain needed more salt.
  • *backs slowly away from the thread, turns, runs*