July 29, 2009

FOX News - still doesn't know where it left its atlas.
  • Now that's what I call liberating a country. It's not even there any more. I liked this comment. *steals*
  • Eh, so what? It's not like it's a real country 'merkins might be interested in or anything. News is just a filler before the Simpsons anyway, amirite? the new motto: Fox News: Rearranging reality since 1996!
  • Sadly, I wonder how many viewers even noticed a problem. BlueHorse has it right. Ya gotta love Faux News, if only for the laughs.
  • After leading the pre-invasion propaganda effort, perhaps they are thinking "It's OUR country now, we can name it whatever we like!"
  • Unless Iraq releases its birth certificate, we'll never really know that it's not Egypt.
  • aaaand just like that, d'man wins the thread.
  • You know, this is just begging for more snark, but it's too hot. *sits in shade with tall cold one waiting for younger monkeys to jump on it*
  • Best title evar!