July 26, 2009

Three lights and the sun. Pulling together a portrait, starting with the sun. The muted colors and the overall feel of the shot that began forming in my head was not something that would interest my client, but I decided that it was worth exploring for myself. via
  • Way too complicated for me, but Mr. B, ex-photographer for the USAF, thought it was interesting. Now hand me the digital. *points, shoots, smiles*
  • Hey BlueHorse - point him at Hasselblad in Space then as well. I liked it.
  • Will do. He loves him some Hasselblad
  • That was really interesting polychrome thanks. Lighting methods and tricks are good to read about - whether film or digital the lighting is the hardest part always.
  • "Clamps and tape are a must if you ask me." Skyhooks were good too, I think :)
  • >>whether film or digital huh?