July 20, 2009

Why information is its own reward - same neurons signal thirst for water, knowledge.
  • Inquiring monkeys want to know!
  • I don't get it. What's with the SPOILERS.jpg?
  • *munches on book, pours water over head*
  • What's with the SPOILERS.jpg? Some sort of tenuous link with the story I suppose (the monkeys were getting spoilers in the form of info about the future during the tests?). Still odd though. I wonder what types of information/knowledge this applies to? Only information about the future? Or about something that will be experienced personally? Interesting stuff.
  • Do these monkeys love information for its own sake, as proposed here, or do they have a higher level supercilious bent? To put it another way: their dopamine levels might just show them to be playing a sort of a mind game. If they win, they feel superior.
  • Spoiler: . . . . . . Spoilers is a t-shirt.