July 14, 2009

Ada Lovelace - a very nearly completely true account of her origins and life.
  • What a woman.
  • ...Ada received tutoring in mathematics and music, as disciplines to counter dangerous poetic tendencies. NOTHING can counter the dangerous poetic tendencies I have. NOTHING!! Cool woman.
  • What a great geek! I'll bet she had lots of dangerous poetic tendencies too. The best geeks always do.
  • She had a fan that twittered! Cool. I don't have any fans who twitter...
  • Charles Babbage's gearbox it sputtered and went and vanished one day up its own fundament. The cause it was Ada, a comic book hero. Her program had sadly divided by zero.
  • Anyone interested in Ada Lovelace should immediately read Sadie Plant's book Zeroes and Ones. It's tied* for the top spot of Best Book About Computers I've Ever Read. * with Manuel de Landa's War in the Age of Intelligent Machines.
  • *applauds ThinksTwice* Hurrah for Ada, amazing woman. And everyone should have dangerous poetic tendencies.
  • I disagree profoundly. Dangerous poetic tendencies are a threat to our very nation and way of life. Anyone with dangerous poetic tendencies should be forcibly stuffed with ragout until asphyxia or constipation of the stuffee is achieved, depending upon the direction in which stuffing is applied, which itself is a decision that should be left entirely at the discretion of the stuffer.