July 11, 2009

Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamus gunned down in Colombia.
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  • The introduction of exotic species has been a pointed threat to indigenous populations hither and yon (dogs and rabbits in Australia, for example). Yet there is something brutal and costly about this macho posturing, killing and journalistic chest beating.
  • Then again, dogs make better pets than dingos. Dog lovers may have a point over hippo sympathizers. And journalists do have an innate need to trumpet their findings, even though some zoo might well have been given *first dibs*
  • Fuck.
  • Are there any drug dealers who say, "Wow. I have a metric fuckton of money, and I have not been sent to prison for the ridiculous amount of crimes I have committed. I think I shall retire now and enjoy the spoils of my work." Are there any at all? Because they all seem to just keep on dealing until they are ultimately killed or put in prison. "Today on Oprah: Drug Dealer Success Stories!"
  • Not to be too cynical or anything, but I'm guessing there are plenty of "drug dealer success stories." You really only hear about the colorful/over-the-top violent ones or those that met bad ends.
  • All the real drug dealer success stories are cartel owners or dictators.
  • Matilda still on the run! Run, Tilly... run like the ... er... big grey wind...
  • Just goes to show: having a shitpotload of money and gathering 100s of exotic animals together to make your own private zoo does NOT make you and animal lover. That said, GO Tilly GO!!
  • This hippo approves of your links.