July 10, 2009

Single link YouTube advertisement for a beer product (that is bloody funny).
  • This commercial is awesome. But I bet it's because it's foreign to me. If I understood all the references, it'd probably suck.
  • It is awesome! Now can someone explain to this American what the "azza" references are and what "chucking a sickie" means?
  • Bazza. Chucking a sickie. And before you ask, bogan. The parade is a parody of the Anzac Day march.
  • That was great!! Dunno about "azza". Am thinking from the way the guys are hiding their face "chucking a sickie" means taking a false sick day. Cheers!
  • "Chucking a sickie" (or "pulling a sickie") is calling in sick so you can go and watch a sports event. "Men who've had their arm in a cow" - well, you don't want to know. "Meat tray winners" - trays of meat are auctioned in pub raffles. If you win, you're probably a mate of the auctioner. "Built like a brick shit house - front rowers, boulder lifters etc.
  • Great ad, tellurian! I'm a fervent fan of all things Aussie and VB has produced some brilliant ads over the years, but the beer itself brings to mind cold wombat piss poured through a rusty sewer pipe. (I'd never say this in a pub full of bogans of course) In a similar vein, this classic Molson's ad is trotted out every Canada Day, made for a similarly skanky brew.
  • Here in NZ we throw a sickie. Like we throw a wobbly.
  • I dunno I appreciate a VB now and then as a little reminder of home.
  • Ok, so maybe VB's not that bad (if it's drunk as close a possible to freezing without it actually being solid) and the only person more annoying than a wine snob is a beer snob. It's just that Australia produces some really good beers. I guess beer loyalties are like sports team loyalties, not always rational but fun to indulge in.