July 08, 2009

15 creepy ads. Not sure that they have totally earned the honour of being "creepiest", but I genuinely found some of them to be very very creepy indeed.
  • Creepy ads alright. But creepy sells, I guess. Take the news trying so desperately to sell it's own self, for example. Why else would they broadcast *infotainment* with a plumber showing EXACTLY how to remove the brass pipes from toilets at McDonald's? This crime wave in Philly was actually reported as a quick way to salvage some bucks.
  • may only have been a kind of subtext in my own mind. But the show did happen, with statements from a McDonald's manager, and everything...
  • Shit hasn't changed Assholes. What makes it really stand out is the excuse in the company statement: It's for our overseas production. No problem. If it's shit, ship it somewhere else.
  • The evil that men do in the name of globalism is legend.
  • Suffers badly from the moronic editorial caption problem.
  • Related to #14, the Suicide Food blog has been chronicling one kind of creepy for years and is still going...
  • I don't understand the postage meter one. What does it have to do with killing a woman? It looks like the man is exasperated because he can't work the machine but the woman is looking superior and won't help him with it. What does that say, men are no good with office machinery?
  • Unforunately, in certain contemporary societies, it's not illegal.
  • I remember having Fry's chocolate with that five-faces wrapper on - made a deep impression on my young mind at the time. The concept of hi-res root beer has passed me by, however.