June 30, 2009

This seems like good news to me. Think I'll give it a shot, see how it goes.
  • I would "exercise caution"! :)
  • Sounds like a great way to develop pulled muscles and a heart attack. Better be fairly fit before trying. That said, I'm all for exercising six minutes rather than six hours!
  • Interesting - do keep us updated.
  • Somewhat similar in concept, though more extreme, than fartlek looks like.
  • Ah, but fartlek is a part of a complete exercise program, involving both anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, not an entire regimen in and of itself. For training endurance horses, the fartlek consists of repeated sprinting or short gallops uphill to develop the anaerobic metabolism. It primarily helps the wind. (lungs) The aerobic part is what takes forever: long slow distance at a working trot--not a jog--covering miles and miles and taking weeks. This is what muscles up the horse, especially strengthening the cardiac system, as well as building up bone and cartilage. You can get a horse's lungs and heart working pretty much to capacity in about six weeks, but it takes 18 months to develop bone changes and see extensive progression in the anaerobic/aerobic pathways. Once there, maintenance (for a horse) is fairly easy. Exercise is supposed to be about developing the whole organism, but six minutes is better than nothing at all.
  • I read it, then I had a donut... but I ate it fast, with weights.
  • They say that sex, if done properly, can provide a pretty good workout. Of course, you'd have to keep it, er, up for a least six minutes.
  • Climbing a steeply wooded ravine, resting, climbing down, climbing even more uneven terrain again, etc. works too. I've been doing this for years with good results. I also tried distance running for a few years. Done with that. the constant pounding on the knees, you know. (I might need to work sex into it more for the full effect though, like Islander said).
  • islander: "If you encounter an exercise that lasts for more than four hours consult a physician".
  • W.C. Fields: "Everytime I get the urge to exercise, I just lie down until it goes away."