June 08, 2009

You can't handle the squeeeeee! . Squeee Babbys
  • TOO MUCH SQUEEEE! baby hedgehogs. and marmosets and and...and... huh, baby platypi are puggles. well there you go.
  • Somehow I can't warm to rats. I think they're just trying to disarm your suspicions until the coast is clear and they can get on with their eternal tasks of despoiling food stores, spreading plague, and gnawing the faces of sleeping babies. They're not mice. They hate mice, and are implacable muricides. But now, on with teh squeee...
  • Oh fine. Just when I thought I'd recovered from the lorus, here we go, this is like some kind of concentrated intravenous infusion of squee. I'm now at work, thinking maybe I'll just bag it and go home to spend the afternoon hugging our cats (no doubt provoking some fine yodeling). Teh squee is too powerful.
  • It's about time someone recognized rats for teh squee. Baby rats are cute as little buttons. Why, the little half-sized rats I studied during my dissertation, heck - when they are about a week old, they look like little perfectly spheroid balls of fur, with tiny ears, legs and a tail sticking out.
  • so kyoots!
  • Those rat pictures are unique, and the plane and depth of focus are superb.