June 05, 2009

What if the lyrics on your favorite music video actually described what you saw? It would make sense, right? You could understand what was happening.... Too often this isn't true... but, it's been fixed....
  • Unlistenable, since they can't sing at all. Ouch! I suggest this one (from last year?) with some actual production value. (sorry, couldn't find SLYT)
  • I watched a couple of the others, and they were pretty crap, especially the Rick Astley one. The one you linked is pretty darn good, though.
  • I liked the Total Eclipse one.
  • Just watched a couple and the two best to my mind are Take on Me (with bonus Sithriller at the end) and Total Eclipse.
  • I think what makes this work is that the original video is deeply creepy and pedophiliac.