June 02, 2009

20 Bookcases. I love the rafter bookcase.
  • These are so fun! As a book lover whose collection threatens to overwhelm the whole house, I heartily applaud these fresh approaches to something normally utilitarian and dull. Great link! Now, I've got to figure out where I can put that cave thingy...
  • I like the creative solutions here. That *Books to Go Bookshelf* with the threaded clamps looks as if it could also be used as a dried plant press. But here's my own quick and mean solution, now hanging off the basement rafters next to my computer: a collapsible hanging sweater organizer. I only had to lay some thin plywood stiffeners onto the vinyl covered cardboard shelves to beef them up for books!
  • I like the rafters one. I would combine it with a room full of invisible book stacks accessed by the book stairs that are both shown here. Here's more (scroll down past the repeats) Unfortunately, some of these are unstable or have the short lifespan that trendy stuff engenders--perhaps interesting to look at, but eventually the irritating design lands them in the dump, because they're not practical to live with. Many are either constructed of cheap materials, or are poorly thought out, or both. The multi-functional shelf takes up a lot of room to store very few books, and would be impossible to use either as a desk or a chair. There's not enough room for a child to comfortably sit (writing right handed--NOT hardly), let alone for anyone to spread their elbows and read a newspaper. In order to access the "multi-functional" uses of the chair and desk, you have to take the books off the shelf. *buzz* Epic fail.
  • Ceiling cat iz in yur rafters' books, reading it.
  • All I want is a room that has nothing but shelves everywhere. Is that so much to ask? According to my wife, yes. So I settle for two small bookcases upstairs with about half of my books on it - the nicer ones - while the rest, mostly paperbacks, live on a larger shelf in the basement computer cave.
  • One day I will have my own little library....