May 29, 2009

Cat Yodeling My wife made me post this.
  • seen before, loved it just as much this time..... Take the socks off those kitty paws and you've got full contact cat yodeling, a REAL man's sport!
  • This is sooooo awesome. Great video, bernockle. HuronBob elevates this art form, however, to a whole new level. Unfortunately, our cats have been subjected to the automatic kissing machine AND the overly friendly sniffing dog simulator their entire lives and are no longer annoyed by them. Hopefully future videos will yield new annoyance techniques.
  • First things first: Watch the Engineer's Guide to Cats Know your aspect ratios!
  • Your wife rocks (^_^)
  • Your wife is a very wise woman.
  • bernockle's wife, eh? Well, that's empirical proof that women are smarter than men. I just hope nobody confused the Cat Engineer Paul Krupman with Economist Paul Krugman. Or maybe they should.
  • Na, Krugman is a kreep. But Krupman is kinda kute! (For a cat yodeling engineer)
  • Here you go, wendell... ____Krugman ____________________ Krusman____________________________ Kruger. (there is no Krupman).
  • Why did I think Krusman was Krupman? Because my brain is malfunctioning and occasionally fails to recognize letters after P. Sorry, Phinks Pwice.
  • That is not cat yodelling. It is cat bagpipes.
  • DABBBBBNABBITTT! That's the trouble with drinking beer. You forget the names of those sexy engineer cat guys. You know the one, Klabman, Krustyman, Klingman. Whateber. Oddly enough, there isn't an easily snatchable picture any Krupman on the Intarwebs. However, this gentleman, Mr. Kaplan, works for the legal firm Jackson, Lewis, Schnitzler & Krupman & whoosits, and he's a pretty sharp dude. He'll do. I wonder if he has cats and does cat yodeling? Seeing as how he works with OSHA specs and all, I'm sure he has something to say about engineering and possibly the hazards of yodeling.
  • The yodeling thing was pretty stupid, but the bagpipes thing was upsetting: that was a cat in pain, or very frightened, folks. I'm asking that it be deleted. There's no reason to imply that we approve of cruelty to those beasts which depend on us.
  • Bagpipes shmagpipes. This is some good tube.
  • The Engineers' videos are awesome, and I love them, and have a terrible crush on the one guy. But the Cat Bagpipes guy needs to be held upside down and crushed. One of my cats thinks so, too - hearing the video, he rushed downstairs from his afternoon nap with a crazed expression. I assume he thought I was crushing my other cat (his brother). (To be fair, I'm not sure if he ran down to protect his brother, or watch his torture with that deadpan look of mild fascination which cats employ so well.)
  • Kranky Kitteh does not want.
  • Mr. Kaplan is workin' that bow tie! Meanwhile, I second mechagrue. Cat Bagpipes guy should be crushed under a paper bag full of used litter. A leaky paper bag.
  • Yah, that's what I thought too, kinnakeet. Takes one heckuva dude to wear a bow tie with pizazz.