May 28, 2009

Do blind people prefer blondes? This Beeb magazine article was insightful for me.

It made me wonder if I'm also guilty of wanting only what others find attractive.

  • As the "not pretty" older woman in the room (married to the "not pretty" guy), I can tell you I don't envy beautiful women anymore. I used to when I was young, but age is the great evener. Over the years I've seen that so many beautiful women are unhappy--they're vain, scared they're losing their looks and youth, too concerned with breaking a nail to get out and go camping or garden or LIVE in the world, constantly worried about their weight or their clothes, chased by men who are assholes. Not worth it.
  • You'll always be pretty to me BlueHorse!
  • So true, BlueHorse. And lately I'm noticing far, far too many "beautiful" women who are so fearful of losing their beauty that they are willing to have their faces and bodies mutilated like these sorry souls lest, God forbid, they actually age naturally. True beauty resides within.
  • Aged cheese, fine wine, mature women--that's the kind of stuff a kid can't appreciate.
  • Interesting article, thanks... And, if anyone asks you who the dashing, dark eyed, handsome gentlemen was that posted here, it was me.
  • Monkeyfilter: Aged cheese, fine wine, mature women.