May 24, 2009

A collection of medical instruments . The silver plated ear trumpet is quite something. As is the nipple shield.

Hours of fascinating poking about amongst stuff used for poking about. Found via this unboxing of an 18th century surgical kit, with Dr Laurie Slater providing commentary.

  • Absolutely amazing (and beautiful) instruments. I wants me a cobalt blue jar! My inner snark meter has registered that the rich have always received the best in health care
  • You want to know why I think this is a great post? Because I posted it to MetaFilter quite some time ago and you could post pictures. Adds a lot I reckon. That's not to take away from your recent discovery, so yeah, it's great,
  • Wow. I'm glad my wife got to use silicone nipple shields. They hurt less than the silver one would when you get hit in the head with them. (Breastfeeding apparently is difficult and sometimes the wife gets fed up and throws them.)
  • I can absolutely vouch for that.
  • Just confirming your good taste, tellurian.