May 22, 2009

Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild - As well as establishing a private zoological museum at Tring, Rothschild also established the edible dormouse or Glis glis. He was a big fan of the cassowary and author of Birds of Laysan.
  • Ooooh - great post! "The four digits of the forefeet and the five digits of the hindfeet ..." Now that's just backwards. I couldn't eat that.
  • Not so fat: "According to our results, the meat of fat dormice can be categorised as dietary food, characterised by a small percentage of fat (mean 2.83%) and a high amount of protein (mean 21.01%)." Recipes for the fat rats: UK and Roman.
  • Remember what the dormouse said...
  • Yup, just another animal out of place. Wish Europe would take back these d%*# starlings!
  • Wish Europe would take back these d%*# starlings! Maybe if you offered some opossums as payment.
  • MonkeyFilter: being compressed rostrally but mound-like caudally.