May 21, 2009

"I chose the potato to portray human faces because of the many striking parallels".
  • Actually, just realised, you know what this post needs? A polite alarm clock. Voiced by Stephen *ahem* Fry.
  • I see what you did there polychrome, mashing things together. The Fry files are the best thing ever. The praties look great too. I will now take this opportunity to link to the ridiculous My Name is Potato.
  • A butler named *ahem* Fry should know how to build a Potato Clock.
  • They're just printed decals adhered to the potatoes. More impressive if they were hand painted.
  • Aaaaghhh! What the heck are those evil things? I won't be sleeping well tonight.
  • I was so impressed that someone could paint so much so fast. Thanks Hank, for clearing those illusions away for me.