May 17, 2009

There's a zombie on your lawn! Plants vs Zombies. It's a very cute, horribly addictive game. Download for an hour of free play, or create your zombified avatar on their website. If, like me, you are hooked after half an hour, you can get it for $10US from here. Hopefully in the demo version you get to see the Michael Jackson zombie.
  • you know, of course, that when my hour is up and I cough up the $19, YOU'RE paying for it!
  • Mwaahaha! /moonwalks
  • Terrifyingly, there's also one in my pocket.
  • Dammit. Downloaded the demo. Now you've all cost me ten bucks. braaaainsssss
  • Shouldn't it be graaaainnnzzz?
  • There's a side game where the goal is to eat all the BRAINSSSSsss...
  • I'm working through the minigames, but I kind of suck at them so I spend my time tending my Zen garden.
  • The Zen garden is cool, and you can make a lot of money out of the plants that get dropped in the main game, especially the night ones. Remember: Always buy the rake!