May 15, 2009

Unemployment got you down? If you already have a prescription for Viagra, and then lose your job, Pfizer will keep your head up high for a whole year, FREE!
  • Men who are out-of-work, randy, diabetic, psychotic, insomniacal, asthmatic, depressed, seizure ridden, with an infection and who don't want their sexual partners to get pregnant, REJOICE. Your worries are over.
  • Fallen on hard times.
  • Love on the dole
  • Bless teh pharmaceutical companies, every one.
  • From "Keeping up with the Joneses" to "Keeping it up with the jonesing"
  • A solid example of upstanding corporate citizenship in these hard times which should cause other such firms to prick up their ears, assuming that it's not just another flaccid PR cockup.
  • Is it possible to get a prescription for Viagra if you tell the doctor that you just want to use it to help you masturbate?
  • And I'm sure the f*ckers aren't offering free BIRTH CONTROL Priorities.
  • Um, BlueHorse • Injected once-a-month birth control, Depo-Provera - free
  • Oh, ah...Guess I better RTFA instead of just skimming/assuming/posting out my rear...
  • MonkeyFilter: use it to help you masturbate? MonkeyFilter: free BIRTH CONTROL! MonkeyFilter: posting out my rear.
  • Clearly the only thing that can save the failing economy is a forest of towering boners. (All the other stuff, sure. Way to go, Pfizer, that's a nice move. But Viagra? Why? It isn't a medically necessary drug. Hell, for the most part it's a band-aid trying to cover for the underlying problems with circulation that cause limp-dickedness in the first place. But why fix our health when we can still get an erection? Who cares if we're about to have a triple bypass and a stroke, as long as we can still enjoy a nice drug-induced tent-pitching in the ol' pants there. It shouldn't be treated as a problem that needs fixin'. It should be treated as the major health warning sign it usually is. You can't get it up, Pfizer should be giving you free cholesterol medicine, not a pecker-stiffening drug.)
  • Yeah, that's sort of where I was going with my "posting out my rear" comment above.
  • oh, they're giving away free Liptor now too.