April 30, 2009

The series "Little Adults" explores "the recently growing society of the "Nouveau-Riche" [in Russia], in which children have been raised to become the "Elite" and to behave like little adults."
  • Quite creepy! "Come and play with us, Danny … forever, and ever, and ever!" There's a certain creepiness there that verges on pedophilia, I think. Ick.
  • I agree that there are pedophilic overtones here, cloaked as they are in scenes of decadence (poker chips) and sexuality (skinny girl in bikini and oversized pumps). Very Diane Arbus by way of JonBenet. The ennui is palpable. Why is it that adults are so anxious to take childhood away from kids? Is it out of spite, because their own youth is no more?
  • Kids are pretty keen on getting rid of childhood too. At least to a certain extent. But yeah, some of this is creepy.