April 23, 2009

Mythical end of rainbow captured by cellphone camera - commenters skewer "science writer-editor". Heh heh. I see the UK's classy Telegraph also presented this modern-day miracle.
  • Okay, it's not fresh today. But it is funnay!
  • Apparently the rainbow ends on a tollroad... fascinating! And no doubt it dissolves there, which would explain the rainbow-colored puddles often seen on asphalt. I wonder--do the leprechauns work for the highway department now?
  • I hate the Orange County Register with the power of 18000x10^23 x-ray photons, so I really enjoyed this.
  • If it was really the end of the rainbow, then Chuck Norris would be in the picture, because all rainbows emanate from Chuck Norris' bottom.
  • "all rainbows emanate from Chuck Norris' bottom." Damn. Truer words were never spoken, fairywench. *scratches head, ponders irony of Norris' stand on gay marriage*