April 15, 2009

In a series of photos from Life magazine, the owner of the famous Stork Club in Manhattan demonstrates some of the hand signals he used to communicate with his staff.
  • *puts left hand, palm up, on the table while drinking a Coca Cola drink*
  • Coke-blue?
  • Bloody hell fishy, how on earth did you find that one? I didn't realise cleavage was compulsory to be a crane operator; all the crane operators I know (my father included) have been middle-aged alcoholics...
  • Good at capturing a moment and a personality, was Eisenstaedt.
  • Why weren't the LIFE interviewer and photographer given some champagne and then kicked out during this photo session? He must have some secret (not photographed) "ignore my crazy signs from now until the sign that says stop ignoring my signs" sign.
  • Hand signals, whatever. Look at those cuffs, that pocket kerchief, that collar!
  • You don't think that hanky's attached to a piece of cardboard?
  • (quietly hoping tracicle isn't sitting there, watching us in our petty little threads, fingers interlocked with thumb in air...)