March 26, 2009

Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe.
  • The odds on it happening may not be that great, however. The original Carrington event (the one seen by Carrington) was far bigger than any other known; and probably far bigger than any in the last five hundred years. So it could well be the sort of thing that only happens about once a millennium, or even less frequently.
  • The chances of winning the six number Powerball lottery is said to be about one in 80 million. For a Carrington event to happen one day out of 80 million, we'd likely wait 220 thousand years on the same odds. Yet it happened just 150 years ago already. Therefore, these solar convulsions must not be tied to chance alone. Wait. What did the say? That we'd be screwed in New Jersey because of those damned pharmaceutical companies? ;)
  • Thus begins the 3-year ramp up of "cosmic apocalypse 2012" articles.
  • *puts up umbrella* *hesitates, assumes perspicacious look* *takes off rubber clown nose, puts on point of umbrella* *hunkers down*
  • The comments after that article prove that there are too many idiots on the internet. But we knew that already, didn't we?