March 24, 2009

Through a century of work and 170km - a Roman aqueduct, across Syria, has been found. Including a section that extends for 94 km underground.
  • oohh that is awesome!
  • I thought so too Medusa - though some of the coolest stuff in the article is a discussion of _how_ they did it. I have visions of Roman engineers, muttering away over their calculations, cursing in Latin because zeroes are still in beta and the Syrians don't do things in SI units.
  • Heh. I just posted this on the Blue. It is truly awesome.
  • Amazing civilization. Can you imagine Americans working on a project for 100+ years, whether it be a viaduct, tunnel, or cathedral?
  • Clever and determined engineers, them Romans, especially when you think that all they had to work with was slave labour, instead of dynamite and heavy machinery.