March 08, 2009

PETER FUNCH took photos of the same places in Manhattan over 10 days or more and combined them invisibly, collecting together similar people, in an exhibition called Babel Tales. SEGEI LARENKOV combined photos from the siege of Leningrad, overlaying them onto modern shots taken 65 years later, from exactly the same locations. (Caution: contains corpses).

BOBBY NEEL ADAMS (already posted on Mofi) combines pairs of photos of a parent and child, couples or the same person young and old, making one person from them. No Photoshop here - real physical cut and paste. (Caution: contains nipples). I like these three because they add a time dimension into a still photo.

  • very nice post...thanks...
  • Very interesting linkies - thanks!
  • The Funch pics didn't strike me one way or another--although there are some straaaange people in Manhattan, but the Larenkov ones gave me the fantoids. Which is what art is supposed to do, I guess. Somehow it gave the deaths an immediacy. Seen the Adams ones before--Having your picture done like that would be a little like asking a fortune teller when you're gonna die. Just weird. Nice links, TT. MonkeyFilter: Caution: contains nipples Thanks for the tagline. It's been a long while.
  • Oh, man. I just had more windows open. This guy's stuff is great! Check out the Yoda--too weird. The Birds-eye landscapes are fantastic. Ferro-chrome, underground whale, walking fridge boxes--great photos, great sense of humor--what's not to like. Tons of thanks, TT--this will take an afternoon.
  • great post, thanks.
  • B.H.: The "see more" links (Yoda etc.) are other random topics on - not the same guy - some of which have been on MoFi before, I think. (...the last of which was from someone called "Blue Horse". So what goes around...) MonkeyFilter: this will take an afternoon.
  • I think the Funch Photos are amazing. I wish they were desktop size. I've spent so much time staring at them, just utterly awestruck. The ones that get me the most are: the hairy eyeballers, different colored themed ones, and the airplanes. I can't figure out what uniform is being worn by those guys. It looks kind of cop-like, kind of military-like, but way too casual for either.