February 28, 2009

Beard Head
  • I am totally recommending those for my bank robbing clients. Wait, why stop there? I am recommending those for all of my drug dealing clients, too. Try giving an accurate description of someone who is wearing one of those bad boys.
  • /me buys one for everybody I know, including my mother
  • Is there a knitting pattern?
  • I especially like the interchangeable moustache feature.
  • I thought this might be some new strange kind of haircut, but it's mo' betta.
  • Some of us can just grow them and save thirty bucks. The rest of you - well, there's this.
  • I'll order two of these, GramMa can have one and play bass. MCT wanna play drums? Only you wouldn't get the beard head. We could be YY Top. Now to find a knitted spinning guitar site.
  • Oh yeah, I am so all over that. Here's your guitar, baby! Now get back, because me and the cat are gonna be shreddin' it!
  • MCT wanna play drums? Only if you can handle a drummer who rocks out with his beard out.