February 27, 2009

Fantastic Museum Specimens

"The suspicious looking love of H doctor" is the "Engrish" translation of the "H博士の異形の愛情"

  • Wow. The one labeled Strange Chinese Turtle, unlike other two-headed turtles, has one head coming out through the tail hole, not off the neck as would be expected. That and The Lessor Demon (Daemononis dolusim) might especially verify the existence of Abhoth the Unclean, Clark Ashton Smith's cosmic producer of prodigies and abortions. Good Post! I can smell the formaldehyde.
  • Wait. Are these REAL?
  • Wait. Are these REAL? This one makes me think, no. However, I did accidentally triple click one and it came out of the screen and bit my neck. Just a word to the wise.
  • Wait. Are these REAL? Until recently I would have said that anything with a spine, four legs AND two wings was obviously faked. Then I saw that freaky transparent head fish post, and now I'm not so sure about anything.
  • Made you ThinkTwice, didn't it?