February 25, 2009

No Room Service, Just Snacks and Shit and other ridiculous rap lyrics.
  • #28 and its commentary might get me fired.
  • I like it. I was just thinking the other day how funny it would be to do a VH1 Storytellers with really bad rap songs. "When I wrote this song I was thinking about women with really large breasts. I thought I would a song about that kind of breast, and about how I would be willing to commit an act of violence against a woman if she did not share those breasts with me." "This song is about threatening someone with lethal force if they criticize my poetry."
  • I said a hip hop, the hippy, the hippy to the hip hip hop, an' you dont stop the rockin' to the bang bang boogie; say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogity beat.