February 24, 2009

Juiced? How the firms that process and market orange juice manufacture [pdf] the taste-illusion of freshness.
  • How it's packaged (NYT link, reg req.) matters, too...
  • Ha! I knew that crap wasn't real orange juice. When we were in southern Turkey, there were vendors selling freshly squeezed orange juice right on the street. You could pick out your oranges and they'd squeeze them right there. It was a toss up which was more heavenly--the smell of the orange blossom in groves in the spring or later in summer, the smell (and taste) of the oranges fresh off the tree and the fresh squeezed juice. I can drink US OJ when the carton's first opened--it's ok, but not great. After it sits a day... *shudders*
  • I chuckled at this years ago. WARNING: Kinda sweary
  • That's all we want. Just a glass of some fookin' orange juice!
  • I've given up the search for real orange juice myself, but will occasionally enjoy the Dole (yes, Bob's brand) Orange Pineapple Whatever blends as the soft drinks that they truly are. Eating solid oranges is more fun anyway.
  • Nice post. Personally, I prefer to pull out my manual juicer each Saturday morning and squeeze out some fresh goodness (until someone tells me that the oranges themselves are no longer real). The notion of vats of "juice" sitting around for upwards of a year to be infused with "flavor paks" during packaging does not seem all that surprising to me - - though, I had no idea. Yuck!
  • Q: Do you know the best way to get OJ out of the can? A: He'll just have to wait for parole.
  • TT FTW!!
  • I have never thought drinking orange juice was better than eating an actual orange, but someone please tell me it's better for me than drinking diet soda. Please?