February 23, 2009

Lost: the cake. So maybe I'm one of the few who can't stop watching Lost. And I have this fondness for Hurley. Turns out he has a blog. And also that they recently filmed their 100th episode, so celebrated with a cake by TV's Ace of Cakes. The details are amazing.
  • Why doesn't Hurley lose weight?
  • I don't watch Lost, but I eat cake!! ummmmmmmmmm, cake
  • I hope that cake isn't in Macarthur Park.
  • Weirdly, I stopped watching Lost a while back, but I love Hurley's blog. I also love Ace of Cakes, so this was a fun connection.
  • Weirdly, I stopped watching Lost a while back You need to catch back up. I watched the first two seasons on dvd. It was a wonderful experience. I started watching the third season as it came out. The show started to fall apart. But then the creators of the show got together and mapped out where they were going and when and how it would end. Since then, it is brilliant again. Do yourself a favor and get back into it. While clearly Hurley should have lost some weight on his first couple months on the island, it would rank pretty low on the "Why?" questions on that show.
  • I love Hurley's blog now too. He's such a ham in his photos. Also I saw a passing comment saying how excited he is about the end of season 7, so I'm confident they will FINALLY clear it all up for us. I think.