February 22, 2009

The Largest Collection of Horse Graffiti EVAR!!! . If you like horse art, you'll probably faint from horse art overload. If you like graffiti art, you'll probably faint from graffiti art overload. If you like this post, let me know! BlueHorse: I'm ALL about the horses! via: The Equinest = one GREAT equine website. Thanks, Paige!
  • Doh! One of these days I'm going to remember the trackback feature.
  • I like this post very much, Bluehorse! Especially the hand-cut stenciled example. You could make something like that for TAGS around the ranch, but what does your BRAND look like?
  • Folks have been drawing horse graffiti for a long, long time.
  • ...long, long time.
  • In Lascaux, equines are the most popular graffiti animal.
  • Excuse a horsey reference here...I painted a copy of that Lascaux horse one time in Taiwan. On the walls of a cave I had contracted to build in New Jersey, and which we helped to install at the museum of Science in Tai Chung. Always loved that horse! Didja know that the female and male animals were kept on different walls, back in the Stone Age?
  • Really, Dan? I didn't know that. Cool. I've done the Lascaux horse on pieces of slab lava with conte crayon. They look really cool.
  • I like!