February 21, 2009

Josh Freese, ex-drummer from Nine Inch Nails, is selling his new album. Plus some extras, for a price. While $7 buys you the digital download, $50 will get you the album plus a phone call from Freese, and for only $75,000 Freese will join your band for a month. For real or just for jokes?
  • For $228 the artist will pick you up in his minivan and drive you to and from work for a month. For $634.17 the artist will act as your canine pet for a period of three days, answering to the name "Mr. Fleas". For $163.56 the artist will personally serve you a selection of fine cheeses and water crackers wearing only a singlet. For $18.05 the artist will casually mention to his five closest friends that he's "really been digging your shit recently". For 60 cents the artist will point directly at you from the stage of a concert and give the "thumbs up" sign. For $99.99 the artist will assassinate any member of the Canadian legislature you choose. For $800 the artist will masturbate onto your thigh or buttock. For $26.03 the artist will repeatedly call you by the nickname of your choice. For $8,564.67 the artist will grant you permanent total control of one of his limbs. For $665 the artist will write and perform music to be piped into any elevator you nominate. For $536.01 the artist will join monkeyfilter and post "what X said" or "X for the win!" after every comment you write.
  • I must have $536.01 in the bank. Give me money!
  • what tracicle sai!
  • d
  • Trac AND Gramma 4 teh win! (first ones free!) I read Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys personally called every donor of $100 or more to his New Orleans Flood charity. It's a really cool idea. Good for Josh.
  • The old "for a few hundred dollars we'll come to a bar in your town and play some songs from the album" offer is conspicuously absent.