January 30, 2009

Perfect Balance . Another fun game at Kongregate!!

Here's the MeFi link I stole it from. Has some spoilers and funny comments (those guys don't read directions, obviously) I used my arrow keys *hint hint* Several people there said they'd only play it once, but I played some of them over and over looking for different configurations that would work. At that point, more playing against myself than against the game. What??? Whaddah mean, gedalife??

  • I got stuck at level 2. It is obvious I am no good at balance or harmony. Or relaxing. *clenches*
  • I like this game. Is there an elegant solution to all of the levels? I've gone through a lot of them, but my solutions are mostly not elegant (and generally not in "perfect balance" either). Once in a while, I hit upon an aesthetically pleasing method that works.
  • I found an elegant solution for most of them. Some do require you to be fast enough to drop a second item in as a "wedge". I liked this game much better then the trapped in a bubble one.
  • Oh, and I don't get what the point of unlocking "inferno", though I do like the new crucifix puzzle piece.
  • Yeah, I didn't know inferno was locked until it became unlocked. But the cruciform is neat...
  • Have played first half, found myself holding my breath on numerous occasions. Hearty Bananas all round!