January 30, 2009

Saddlebacking. [Via]
  • Someone's been drinking.
  • Did you forget some of your post, Mr. Homunculus? That said, my only comment is WTF are they thinking? These kids are just waaaayyyyy messed in the the head with their thinking. Oh, and by the way, Jesus does NOT love you when you do this.
  • Kids these days! I'll tell ya. What ever happened to the good old-fashioned beej?
  • *sighs*
  • For those of you in the dark about the political dimension of this, the post is a derivation (if that's the right word) of Dan Savage's Spreading Santorum (may be NSFW). Savage, a sex advice columnist, got angry at the viciously anti-gay politician Rick Santorum and decided to redefine his name to mean something connected to gay sex. Apparently, these people are trying to give the same treatment to the Saddleback Church who's leader, Paster Rick Warren, spoke out in favour of Proposition 8 in California. In this case, I think they are rather aided by the fact that 'Saddleback' already sounds a bit like the name of a sex act.
  • Gah! There's Santorum everywhere! Have you Monkeys been Saddlebacking again?!
  • Santorum is the better word. It has a stickiness to it that stays on your tongue. Like Santa and mausoleum.
  • Ouch.
  • Well, I think I've reached my "WTF!?" Quota for today.