January 29, 2009

Yakushima is a beautiful island off the southern tip of Japan. Its ancient forest, including many cedars over 1000 years old, inspired Hayao Miyazaki's film Princess Mononoke. For one photoblogger, a short visit led to a three-day trek over the island's peaks.

The total solar eclipse on 22 July 2009 will be visible from there, if you fancy a trip. Also, they have monkeys.

  • Wow, nice! Thanks for this post!
  • Amazing, to be able to stand in the presence of something living that is 3000 years old. And any place that has monkeys.... Well, what can I say?
  • A gorgeous island and the photoblogger guy seems to have done a nice (and ambitious) job there. The ancient cedars and general atmosphere remind me of Gwaii Haanas, another UNESCO Heritage site near here, which unfortunately lacks monkeys.
  • Whoa. Thanks for the post. I'll be digging into this when I have more time.
  • Oh my God - I ache to be there. Beautiful. Thanks for the post!