January 28, 2009

BubbleQuod! . Evil level 39. ARRRRRRRAAGH!!!

Have fun.

  • Level 1-9: simple Level 10: 23 minutes! Level 11: 18 seconds. A slight inconsistency in difficulty.
  • It's useful to know that in stages where you can do something that means you can never succeed (like stage 24) the "Play again" button restarts this stage only, not the whole game.
  • Level 10: 17 seconds. I think you missed something.
  • I've quit in disgust at certain levels twice. Once when I logged back in, I beat the level in less than 8 seconds. Just all in skill or luck, I guess. But 39 is pure evil.
  • I think the trick to 39 is the ramp you use to approach the boingy thing.
  • Sorry, but 29 seconds for level 39. I think the game designers spent too much time on their physics engine and not enough on the puzzles. Cute game though.
  • Oh, and 49 is tough, but only in an extremely annoying way; easy to solve, but nearly impossible to execute.
  • it is a very addictive physics engine ... and such a great soundtrack. Agreed about 49.
  • Damn, I was doing fine but gave up on the last level because it is time to leave work (as if I was working!)
  • Sweet! 50. More fun when I realized I could use an external numberpad for the arrows, and flip my laptop around so that the directions I pressed were the directions I thought they were...