January 28, 2009

Animal Kingdom Gets a New Root.
  • I think it can be summarized like this: metozoan $ sudo su urmetozoan $ ./evolve -R -animalia what, too geeky?
  • Ur-mother's so old, she's not even a placozoan.
  • If you, like me, were tripped up by one word in the second link, here you go. Bauplan, bauplan, bauplan.
  • And I thought lawyers had terrible jargon...
  • Well, we're discussing benthic dwellers, right? And isn't there a joke about lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
  • Bauplan isn't jargon, it's German. It's a reflection of the fact that many people doing evolution/ecology research were European. Hell, in my training I learned to deal with bauplans, along with umwelt, Zeitgebers and Zugunruhe. If you knew the meaning of the terms, you'd know I was trained in ecology and evolutionary biology, with a solid emphasis on behavioral biology and more specifically circadian biology.
  • I think a word can be jargon AND German. In my case, Zitterbewegung.