January 26, 2009

93 year old man freezes to death inside his own home. Pay your damn bills if you live in Bay City, Michigan!
  • "Neighbors should take care of neighbors" because the damned power company doesn't give a crap. The bastards let the man die and won't admit any responsibility. A society is judged on how it takes care of it's children and old folks. This society doesn't give a damn for the vulnerable. The money was clipped to the power bill on the kitchen table--one of life's little ironies, folks!
  • that's just so terrible. I thought there were laws about this sort of stuff. turning off someone's heat in Michigan in January? why not just go and kill them yrselves. assholes.
  • Vicious grasping swine. I always made sure my elderly neighbour was still going by listening for him swearing at the horse racing on TV.
  • This is why these city officials work in Bay City, Michigan. Not exactly resume material.
  • Reminder: buy warm sleeping bags for the old guys.
  • Bay City is a bit north of me. It's been colder than a witches' ... here all winter, some nights down to -17 f. Shutting of the heat of an elderly person is criminal.. Things are rough here in Michigan, the infrastructure is falling apart in a lot of ways, in both the private and public sectors. We're going to see more events like this, the system failing those it should protect. If I could get my ass out of here without losing my shirt on two houses with upside down equity, I would do it in a heartbeat.... We've got a long road before we recover from the damage done to our economy and our culture.
  • If that shitheel Bush had really wanted to stimulate the economy, instead of giving billions to the banks and the auto industry, he would have earmarked two billion for wages to hire people who have lost their jobs, then paid out a living wage to folks for building schools and repairing our crumbling infrastructures around the country a la WPA. THAT would have been money to bolster the economy and help the American people.