January 26, 2009

An artistic bent(o) More here and here, and a how-to here.

*looks forlornly at sandwich plonked unceremoniously on plate*

  • If my son or daughter thinks they're getting this special treatment - - they had better think twice! Though, I might have to brown bag it one day with one of these lovely creations...!
  • I'm just lucky if I can get some semi-crunched crackers and an bruised apple when I get to work. A ham and cheese sandwich is a thing of wonder.
  • Yet more here! (Mute the annoying music, though.)
  • These are really pretty, although all that pink meat being manipulated makes me a bit queasy.
  • I remember in grade school having a nifty Jetsons lunchbox (which, if in mint condition, would probably be worth a small fortune now) but opening it was always a small but predictable disappointment. All it ever contained were stupid tunafish or stupid baloney sandwiches on stupid white bread and stupid apples or stupid oranges and stupid store-bought cookies and some stupid milk in the otherwise nifty thermos. Small wonder I turned out to be the sad, artless and bitter husk of a person that I am today.
  • We wouldn't want you any other way, islander. Birds of a feather and all that...
  • How can you two possibly feel like sad, bitter husks of people in the face of Maurice Sendak bento?
  • Monkeyfilter: all that pink meat being manipulated makes me a bit queasy.
  • I had an Return of the Jedi Thermos Roughneck flask, and Mum would put hot chocolate in it. I came home one June day, it was the end of school for the year. I threw my school bag under my bed. That September my Mum was getting my lunch ready for the new term. She asked where my flask was...
  • On Saturdays, my kid goes to Japanese school. So every Friday my wife surfs the internet for hours looking for a new character. Then she gets up way before the sun to start making one of these. She hates doing it, but can't stop because every other mother does it, and our kid will get made fun of or shunned or something if we don't make a collector bento, and the other parents will definitely shun us. Collector bento sucks. (but I will show her these, maybe she'll get some new ideas from them)
  • Mr. K. Do you take photos every week? I would.
  • Sometimes we take a picture. She blogs them sometimes.
  • Throw it all into the box. Call it abstract. Tell everyone that your kid's artistic tastes have developed way beyond childish cartoons. Problem solved.
  • My solution is a square-PacMan-with-mouth-closed sandwich.