January 25, 2009

Hypothetically, what would happen if you combined Doctor Who, Eminem and Benny Hill? OMG, only the best thing ever!
  • Wow. Truly, the Best. Thing. Ever. Thank you.
  • I spent that clip going - I know that monster, and _that_ monster and that monster and wow that monster looks bad now and and and...etc
  • That's the best thing on the internet.
  • Goodness gracious... I'm sorry to say that I didn't at first believe you, but having watched the video I have to say that this might very well be the most awesome thing in history.
  • Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
  • heh! I thought I was the only 'freak' but apparently not...
  • Holy living fuck. That was ... ... ... startling.
  • Really, the internet just gives and gives. Just when you had thought you had seen it all... And, of course, the theological implications are staggering.
  • Chump Manbear at 0:29! And at 1:47! I feel like I'm having a baby.
  • I have not gone a day without watching this. It makes me happy. Even better that just today I saw for the first time the episode with Elton who likes ELO and the Absorbaloff and Rose's horny mom and the Benny Hill-style chase with the monster in the beginning, so I was all, hey, I just saw that one today.
  • The win threatens to burst the intertubes.
  • What mct said. I can't stop watching this. And it makes me warm and happy inside every time.
  • mct, mothninja: Yup.
  • I've have this mp3 around somewhere. There's many mashups with the Benny Hill song, but the Eminem one is one of the best I think. Putting it to Dr. Who is pretty awesome, and more impressive. Mashing up the song was just beat-matching, but the video editing is way more involved, and is done really well, IMHO.