January 11, 2009

NASA Detects Mystery Booming Sound In Deep Space, Origin Unknown.
  • I have my suspicions regarding the source of these sounds.
  • I, too, have my suspicions...
  • Worms. Spices.
  • "In space no one can hear you boom".
  • Cosmic Om, man.
  • Boo, Gizmodo, you all need to hire some tech types. "Sound is vibration transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas; particularly, sound means those vibrations composed of frequencies capable of being detected by ears." -- (Wikipedia)
  • Sorry, had the chili again...
  • The first time I saw this news clip I had thoughts similar to rolypolyman. Sounds? Via space? Right in our own neighborhood, in astronomical terms, is a star that undergoes constant nuclear reactions every second. But do you hear the explosions of the sun? Nah. The void of space spares us from our neighbor's boom-box annoyances. So,there may be something booming out there, but it isn't booming sound nor sound waves. In the electromagnetic spectrum we can only see, feel, or demodulate. Hearing is another neighborhood entirely.
  • I was gonna say something about just another annoying subwoofer, but then Ralph went and spoiled my fun. He's right, of course. The last time I heard the sun, I was in college and, um, enhanced. With liquid helium, I mean.
  • I over heard my son asking my daughter what that "loud sound" was (lived near a military base) and she said "God farted". I about collapsed with laughter. They were so little, so adorable, and wondrous to eavesdrop on.