January 10, 2009

My Genome, My Self. "In the coming era of consumer genetics, your DNA will have much to tell you about the biological bases of your health, your physique and even your personality. But will this knowledge really amount to self-knowledge?"
  • Yes.
  • It opens up a niche for bottom-feeding companies Yes.
  • I can't read this article because they photo of the guy on the first page looks way too much like that annoying doctor on The Biggest Loser. "You are only 29 years old, but because you are so overweight your biological age is 54." What does that even mean? What if I am an overweight 85 year old? Do I then have the biological age of 124? What the hell would that mean?
  • It's a fascinating area of study, and will no doubt be increasingly important over time, but we just don't understand it well enough yet for it to be particularly practically useful. See also BBC Radio 4's Analysis: Me and My DNA, a documentary that DangerIsMyMiddleName made a few months back.