January 07, 2009

On the Wings of Love: At Temple's Aviary, Problem Birds Find Feathered 'Friends'. [Via]
  • See also our chat here, and specifically the cockatoo link here. I love parrots, but they can be problematic. I also miss fellow parrot owner and expert, Beeswacky.
  • My parrot, Turtle Bird, can be a moody little dragon at times; I keep in mind that he didn't choose to live in captivity even as I'm bandaging my hands. Buddhists give real meaning to the word "compassion." Encouraging story. Thanks Ralph.
  • how did she know I was a Buddhist???
  • So good to hear of a place that takes in those most in need. Some stability and loving kindness can go a long way with birds (or any animals I guess, but it's especially key for those who can deafen with shrieks and have unsewing machines on their faces). Turtle Bird is a great name, kinnakeet!
  • Thanks, patita... he likes his name too, and enjoys reminding me what it is, very loudly, usually at sunrise. But that's part of the fun! *still laughing about the unsewing machine* Buddhists seem to be the only group who really grasp the important concepts, RTD, at least in my opinion. And bird people are usually fascinating and tolerant. Great combo.
  • I know I shouldn't be thinking this, and I'm happy for the fireman, but do you think he eats a lot of soup with those crackers?