January 06, 2009

Best fiction of 2008. I haven't read a single one of these. Have you? What else would you recommend from last year's new books?
  • I read The Enchantress of Florence and quite liked it, and I intend to read The Graveyard Book. Can't figure out what The Man Who Was Thursday is doing there-- I love the book, and anyone who hasn't read it should, but 2008 it ain't.
  • In spite of being housebound and having read continually the last four weeks, I haven't read any of these, sad to say. Mudbound and Homelook quite good, but 2/3 of them I won't bother with. Rushdie's writing has never grabbed me, Pallas, but on your recommend, I took a second look at this one and may try it.
  • wow, I haven't read any of them...I do have a copy of Blindness sitting around but haven't gotten into it yet. hm.
  • I think it's cheating to include old books simply reissued during the year. Is this also a 2008 book then? I read Blindness a few years back and thought highly of it. I think the reissue here is a tie-in to the film, which didn't do as well as expected I think.
  • The link's down for me right now, but I read The Graveyard Book this year, and it was GREAT!