December 31, 2008

Monkeydamus: Predictions for 2009 Curious Prophetic George - Any Predictions for 2009?

Would any monkeys care to try their hand at predicting events that will occur in 2009? Anything from personal to global. Then 12 months from now we will revisit this thread to see who is the real "Monkeydamus". With hindsight even the most outrageous of predictions will seem obvious when they come true. (We all knew the market was going to crash this year, right? It was obvious!) So state how many points you want to be awarded if your prediction comes true. Events that are apparently less likely can demand more points. For examples: * Dow Jones Industrials end the year somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000. (Chances maybe 1 in 4? So...) Score: 4 points. * Sean Connery involved in DUI car wreck. Score: 25 points. * MoFi happily carries Google Ads to fund Bashi's summer hols. Score: 1,000 points. * TUM will mention Mr. Whiskers. Score: 1 point.

  • TUM has a cat?
  • So, TT, you're predicting Bashi will be spending the summer in the backyard, on an old lawnchair, around the kiddy wading pool?
  • That's how I'm planning to spend the remainder of this summer. Hmm. I need to ponder. This could be fun.
  • My prediction, based on statistical guesswork, is that we'll see a 9% increase in the murder rate during 2009. But at the same time, I do still HOPE that Niceness can trump economics.
  • Can I revise that? We're not statistics. Even if 2009 IS tough, it'll be MORE peaceful than 2008 (not too hard to do!). An international feeling of cooperation and sympathy will lay the groundwork to an even better year next time!
  • I predict ThinksTwice will check back here in 12 months.
  • Look, 2008 was the worst year of my life. My prediction is that 2009 couldn't possibly worse, but I'll touch wood as I say that.
  • Be worse, naturally.
  • That's true for a lot of people I know. My prediction is that Dubai will sink into the sea under the weight of its skyscrapers. The next comic-based movie to be announced will be based on Y: The Last Man and will star Ed Norton as the hero. Wing will finally be nominated for a Grammy Award this year after many years of commitment to her art.
  • This is just way too easy. Probably a -10 pointer, but... Amy Winehouse will O.D. Although if she survives another year, I will have to accept that she's the unacknowledged offspring of the indestructible Keith Richards. Hmmm..wait a minute...ya know, it makes you wonder...
  • In 2009: * Bruce Springsteen will perform live in front of a crowd of more than 65,000 people. (1 point). * Bush will pardon more than 100 people. (3 points) * New York City will be hit by a hurricane causing massive flooding and infrastructure damage. (200 points). * Homunculus' FPPs + Comments total (not just this year) will break the 12,000 mark. (3 points). * Titans will win Superbowl XLIII (6 points).
  • Earlier, I said 2009 couldn't be worse than 2008. Since then, I've had to work harder than should be necessary; last Saturday got into an altercation with a knife wielding arsehole and in the process lost my wallet and the use of my thumb (temporarally, I hope); and am about to lose my most valued co-worker (and friend) because my employer (who accuses me of letting personal feelings getting in the way), lets the fact someone doesn't like him, well, get in the way. Sorry to rant, but 2009 looks worse than I could have possibly imagined. Plus it's freezing over here in London, and I have a Mediterranean sensibility.
  • Oh. Prediction: it'll be a bad year for the Arsenal. But I myself will spend more time on the filter. You have been warned.
  • Sorry to hear about all that, bobboggis! I've not been having a great year so far either. I'm stupid-busy at work, two coworkers who were friends of mine have left the company (one because he was stealing from the company; he had worked there for over a decade and was such a nice guy and a hard worker -- he really was the backbone of the company, and now that he's gone it feels like a big black hole in the center of everything), and it looks like I'll need surgery AGAIN soon. And winter sucks here too. Misery loves company!
  • "New York City will be hit by a hurricane causing massive flooding and infrastructure damage. (200 points)." OK, I was 3 years ahead with that one. But it was a 200 point prediction. Also I see that fairywench killed Ms. Winehouse. :-( And I denied flurker some win by waiting 46 months instead of 12 ;-)
  • Technically she didn't OD though...