December 31, 2008

"Many people seem to think they can make any boring name sound more attractive just by adding the word 'monkey' to it."
  • And they would be correct.
  • I resemble that remark.
  • The stevenomonkey! Stevenorino monkeymeister, makin copies! Yup, I'd say it works.
  • "Green" was out two years ago. How did they miss "sustainable"?
  • Yo, briankmonkey! Hey yah, SylversterMcMonkeyMcBean (post more often, bro!) Monkey Waxboy-oh-boy! KevvinSevvinMonkey! Werks for me. Presidential election years are always ripe for language abuse. Abused?? I'd say in the last eight years the English language has been perverted, debased, and prostituted. But not a problem. In the ensuing years, rarely will be the question asked, is our children learning? Love, Your BlueMonkeyHorse
  • at times like this I usually just call myself monkdusa :D
  • perhaps monkdusy would be better?
  • It's okay, Monkey is not nearly as overused as Meta. (See what I did there?)
  • And may I suggest Medunkey as an alternative?
  • Are they saying monkeybashi is not okay? Because it is with me. (Aside: we talk occasionally about buying a boat, and today #2 said he wants to call our hypothetical boat "Monkey" so it can go anywhere.)
  • 'Scuse me whilst I rant a little: For the umpteenth time you freakin' pretentious "web designers" - light gray text on a white background, in a microscopic font, is a BAD IDEA. Jesus H. Christ on a rubber crutch, am I sick of seeing that crap. It sucks on your personal blog, it's insane to have done it on a University website (what with accessibility requirements and all that). I mean, seriously, compare it with the default lavender here. Making the font big enough to read makes a HUGE difference. But tiny font + poor contrast = I can't read the damn page and am now frustrated. Christ I must be getting old or something. Also, tracicle, -monkey (suffix) may be overplayed, but as a PREFIX the venerable Monkey- must be retained at all costs. I mean, if this were FilterMonkey, by all means we should be up in arms, and you should change it. But it aint', and we aren't, so you oughtn't. Right? Right then.
  • Your logic is irrefutable, frogs. (Although Medunkeyfilter has kind of a fun ring to it.)
  • Hunh? What? Did somebody say that we're changing our name to MyDonkeyFilter? Does this mean I'll need to get new calling cards?